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the Life Enrichment Boot Camp

Founder and Director, Jim Carroll was inspired to create the Life Enrichment Boot Camp under the training of Dr. Phil. The self improvement seminar is an intense life changing seminar that is the perfect place to increase self-esteem, value and worth.

We believe that practical life-changing application is more valuable than having head knowledge.

What good is knowing how to be happy, if you don’t actually make it happen?

Jim and Elizabeth with couple - Life Enrichment Boot Camp
The Life Enrichment Boot Camp

A Life Changing Experience

Hard Work and Great Fun

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp is not a wilderness camp, or a ropes course. The Boot Camp is designed to use mental games, drills, competitions, skits, and experiential events that raise your life and relationships to a new level. Instead of just knowing how to change, you will take action to improve your life. Instead of thinking about change, you will make it happen. This is not the type of seminar where you can just sit back and watch.

The results are amazing, and the positive transformation of your life is inevitable? Our success rate is phenomenal because this isn’t typical counseling or a boring workshop! The Life Enrichment Boot Camp is an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

This significant personal growth experience will help you get in touch with your highest self-esteem, and exude more love, intimacy, worth, confidence and value in your daily life.

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Real People, Real Life Changes

You Will Grow!

People from all faiths, beliefs, and backgrounds find that our program meets them where they are, transforming at the source. Their lives are enriched in ways that one-on-one counseling never could. In our seminars, you will find an environment that makes it easy and comfortable to lean into life change whether you come with strong faith or none at all.

Everyone gets hurt in life. Whether it be from past relationships, childhood experiences, abuse and more, we can help. When you don’t fully heal we carry hurt and resentment into the next relationship. We all deserve to be free from the pain and damage caused by the past.


Life Enrichment Boot Camp - Girls FOR BOTH SINGLES AND COUPLES


Is the Life Enrichment Boot Camp seminar for singles or couples?

BOTH! The Boot Camp is for you. Whether you are married, divorced or single, it is the perfect place to improve your life. Whatever you do, don’t miss this Boot Camp. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

The Relationship Problem

Without a life changing experience, most people settle into an unhealthy comfort zone. The Life Enrichment Seminar will accelerate your growth right out of that rut. The Boot Camp is the perfect compliment to counseling. You will be required to dedicate long hours to intense relationship training.

At the Life Enrichment and Marriage Boot Camps, participants learn how to love themselves, open up again, dump their past, find their value, worth and respect for who they are. Thousands of hurting people have gone through the Boot Camp seeking healing for their personal and professional relationships and have rediscovered themselves.

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp is designed to accelerate your life.

The training is conducted in a progressive chronological order to launch participants forward. In just four days, you can achieve the kind of growth that could take years in counseling. But like anything important, you will be required to commit to the entire program. You cannot pick and choose which day you will attend and expect to get the same results.

Love Life Again

Through this awesome learning process you will find new hope and a new love for yourself and life. Your outlook on life will change. Best of all, you will have the tools to help resolve current and future issues as well as making your dreams happen.



The Life Enrichment Boot Camp
Referred By Dr. Drew

Referred By Dr. Drew

When professionals want to make a difference in relationships in a hurry, they send them to the Boot Camp. In 2010 Dr. Drew asked the Boot Camp to partner with him to help turn around four couple's very rocky relationships. We are proud to be one of the resources that Dr. Drew refers to when people are in need of help. Watch Dr. Drew Drew Life Changers at Dr Drew on LCTV.

Dr. Phil sends Tough Problems to The Life Enrichment Boot Camp.

Recommended By Dr. Phil

Where does Dr. Phil send pre-marital couples? The Boot Camp of course. That's because our intense program crams years of hard work into four days. Many of the games and drills that Dr. Phil created in the 80??s are still a part of our program. Dr. Phil sent Anthony and Monette to the Boot Camp to help them find a healing before their upcoming wedding.


As Seen On Gene Simmons FAMILY JEWELS

Rock star Gene Simmons of KISS fame and his long time girlfriend, Playboy Playmate Shannon Tweed, attended the Life Enrichment Boot Camp. The episode "Wedding Boot Camp" took place at a specially designed Marriage Boot Camp. Gene and Shannon have since gotten married after 28 years of wedded challenges. Now you can get a behind the scenes look at what happened as they got rid of their baggage and damage and came together. See the pain and the laughter when Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed navigate their way through the Boot Camp drills and exercises. See all the drama on the A&E channel, watch "Gene Simmons Family Jewels".


The Life Enrichment Bootcamp was the beginning of my adult life. As an abused child I was stuck in the emotional world of a scared 12 yr old. Touch was painful and self love a fantasy. Now several years later I am a confident, beautiful woman. I am also a massage therapist enjoying the happiness and healing that touch can give. Fear was blocking my purpose and rage was blocking my love. I am excited about what the future holds and waking up in the morning is now a wonderful gift!

Louisefrom Wylie, Tx

Fantastic!!! Attending the seminar was the best thing I could ever do for what I was dealing with in my life. Every day of my life was a party… a pity party just for me. By going through the drills, exercises, and visualizations and giving 100% I was able to face my unresolved issues with my ex-husband, friends, God, and most importantly myself. In such a short period of time I was able to make an internal change.

The day after graduating I was faced with an issue that always made me put myself on the back burner and I was able to stand up for myself and say no. I’m so proud of me and I know this is only the beginning.

This boot camp does not force you to do anything you don’t want to do but it allows you to take your life back from the things that are holding you hostage.

Lokura, Grand Prairie, TX