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Christian Marriage Counseling

We get asked a lot whether we are a Christian-based program or organization. The answer is “yes” and “no.”

The Marriage Boot Camp and the Life Enrichment Boot Camp is a Christian ministry called to love and serve in our own particular way. We focus on self worth, purpose, forgiveness and healing and the impact that these issues have on relationships. There are other organizations that focus more on evangelism and spiritual growth and we respect them tremendously, but we are not called in that same direction. We are inclusive and welcome anyone who wants our help. We combine all the best teachings from the field of Marriage Counseling , Christian Marriage Seminars, and Christian Marriage retreats then bring our unique Boot Camp style of interactive games, drills and exercises to our seminar.

Couples from all faiths, beliefs, and backgrounds have found that our program meets them where they are and transforms their lives in ways that one-on-one counseling never could. You will find an environment that makes it easy and comfortable to lean into life change whether you come with strong faith or none at all. 

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