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Maryanne Watson, Ph.D., ABPP

The Life Enrichment and Marriage Boot Camps have been beneficial to over eighty patients from my practice. It has helped repair marriages that were in the last stages of dissolution. In addition, Boot Camp has been beneficial and supportive to those singles and couples who have decided not to continue to invest in their relationship, surrounding them with support and non judgemental love.

One of the strongest components of the program is the structure. The program is structured in a way that enhances healing and enables the participants to connect with and process pain and anger. The program has strong charismatic male leaders, providing role models for men.

The intensity and the structure of the program and the fact that there are both men and women working on issues, provides a safe environment for men and women to effectively clean out old wounds, and work toward healing. I have seen relationships repair that were beyond repair and headed for divorce. I have seen couples reunite that had filed for divorce and were living in separate houses. I tell every couple considering divorce, ??You owe it to yourselves to go to the Boot Camp before you decide to divorce.?? You have nothing to lose. Many couples have been able to quit therapy after attending. I call it emotional surgery, equal to years of therapy. While it is not lead by therapists, it is therapeutic.

Finally, several of my patients have continued their involvement by becoming facilitators. This has been a positive and enriching experience. As you know, supportive relationships are the most important prognostic variable for any problem from alcoholism to cancer. Support is more important than any type of treatment, any type of medicine, and any type of therapy. This program provides support.


Maryanne Watson, Ph.D., ABPP
Board Certified in Family Psychology
5172 Village Creek Drive, Suite 101
Plano, Texas 75093



Francis R. Valenti EdD CAP

Francis R. Valenti EdD CAPI was asked by my girlfriend, to attend the Life Enrichment Boot Camp and the Marriage Boot Camp. At the time, she had asked me to attend the Boot Camp we had been separated from our relationship for around four months. We had both decided that our relationship was over and we needed to go our separate ways. During our time apart I had time to think and I realized I wanted to try and work on ourselves before trying to get back together. She called me on morning much to my surprise she was on her way home from GA having just completed the Life Enrichment Boot Camp. She was so excited about what she experienced during the Boot Camp and how it had changed her perspective on life. Then she asked me to attend the program so that I could find help with the issues in my life.

I have been married and divorced twice and as mentioned, my relationship with my girlfriend had not done very well. Not having a clue what the Boot Camp would entail I went ahead and said yes to go to it with her hoping it would get me on a better track.

I have been a mental health provider since 1976. Having gone through multiple training programs, helping individuals, couples and families it seems I could not help my own self.

What I learned during the four days of Boot Camp went well beyond all my book knowledge, my training and my experiences. Doing the drills and exercises got me off the couch and into reality. I had new experiences by actually interacting with my girlfriend and other people. There is an old saying, an idea without action is just a fantasy. I took action during the Boot Camp and got great results. With the guidance of the Directors and the soft touch of all the trainers what seemed at first to be pretty scary turned out to be something pretty wonderful. What I was afraid of was not being able to do it or to get it, yet I did with their help. I can still hear David (one of the Directors) saying,If you give 100% of yourself you will get the results you are looking for.

I would highly recommend the Life Enrichment Boot Camp and the Marriage Boot Camp program to everyone. Whether you are single, divorced or married you will learn so much that will make your life better and your relationships better. So try it. You have so much to gain from the experience. It will change your life. It changed mine in such a good way.



Amy Hampton, M.A., LPC

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp and the Marriage Boot Camp are wonderful resources I recommend for my clients. The seminar format enables participants to work on forgiveness, self-esteem, fear and communication. I have found it to be very impacting for my clients and helpful to take marital and individual counseling to the next level. I would recommend it for any individual or couple who want to grow and learn more about themselves.


Amy Hampton, M.A., LPC
Journeys Christian Counseling Center
1475 Richardson Dr., #230
Richardson, TX 75080
972-889-2479 x27
972-889-2482 Fax





Carol Loya MA, LPC, CIT

Experiencing the Life Enrichment Boot Camp and/or the Marriage Boot Camp is an excellent way to achieve a deep and intimate closeness in your relationship. The activities reach into your heart and expose the anger, resentment and unforgiving spirit so often found in today??s relationships. Denial and resistance to change are confronted through thought-provoking activities and heart-wrenching challenges, providing an opportunity for a journey of self discovery never before experienced. Every activity, task, drill and game is solidly grounded in research and practice and the application and implementation of the tools will produce immediate results in your life.

I attended the Life Enrichment Boot Camp and the Marriage Boot Camp with my husband. Even as Licensed Professional Counselors, the programs gave us many ??aha?? moments. Through 7 children, 14 years of missionary work and 29 years of marriage, we agree that it is a miracle that we are still together even though we have attended numerous other seminars and conferences. None of them impacted our personal growth and marriage relationship the way that the Boot Camp experience did. The Boot Camp provided an opportunity for growth that we had never before experienced.

As a counselor in private practice who has experienced Life Enrichment Boot Camp, I believe it is a program which can produce outcomes that one might see only after two or more years of traditional therapy. This is because the games, drills and exercises are structured to produce deep insight and engage both mind and emotions to generate lasting results. Accountability to fellow participants as well as to program leaders is also a key factor in stimulating awareness, growth and change.

Two core themes of the Boot Camp are forgiveness and unconditional acceptance. Sound principles based in research and experience are used to deal with these topics with which many of us often struggle. The work done in these areas provides the opportunity for both emotional and spiritual healing, allowing participants to experience freedom from past and even current wounds. Because I have benefited personally from the Boot Camp and have seen the benefits that others have experienced as well, I whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone who is ready to deal with their hurts and move forward with their lives.



Max Loya ?? LPC

When you first heard about Life Enrichment Boot Camp, you probably wondered like me, ??Is this the real deal or is it just a bunch of hype??? After going through the Boot Camp with my wife, I can tell you unequivocally that this is for real and that the results the participants experience are long term and life changing. In 32 years of working as a minister, missionary, mentor and professional counselor I have never encountered a program like this that can methodically and deliberately open up a person??s heart, bringing them face to face with their bitterness and resentment, and lead them to total forgiveness. The Boot Camp participants experience new freedom by forgiving those who have hurt them in the past and even those who are presently hurting them, allowing everyone to start the healing process in their lives.

Instead of the usual listening to a speaker type of format that you would expect from a seminar, the Boot camp is built around the extensive use of games, drills and role play exercises tested and proven by years of research. Speakers at most seminars and workshops, if they are good, make you laugh and you go home feeling good because you have been entertained. Hopefully you have also picked up some good information along the way, but rarely are you confronted with having to make important personal decisions. The Life Enrichment Boot camp is NOT a seminar, it is four long days of having the spotlight shining in on your own heart, giving you the opportunity hourly to deal with your own personal issues, hurts and baggage. The Boot Camp is designed to facilitate profound changes in every participant, and everyone who engages fully in the boot camp and gives 100% will leave a different person than when they came, guaranteed!

Whether as a professional counselor, a mentor or a minister, the more I work with people, the more convinced I am that people make meaningful life changes only when something touches them at a deep emotional level, such as a profound personal experience. The Life Enrichment Boot Camp provides that type of experience for its participants.

The Boot Camp will motivate you to you make your life better, it provokes self examination. Through more than 25 hours of games, drills and exercises, it gives participants the opportunity hourly to deal with personal issues and baggage. It brings them face to face with their hurts, bitterness and resentment and leads them to freedom through total forgiveness, thereby paving the way for broken hearts and broken relationships to heal.



Melissa Immel

Dr. Henry Cloud (author of the bestselling book ??Boundaries??) says that as leaders, we often lean to one side or another: too little grace or too little truth. With the Boot Camp, you get both.

I was a bit of a skeptic when I first walked in; especially since I couldn??t get an outline of the discussions ahead of time and I wasn??t too sure about sharing with a bunch of people I didn??t know. What I found was a group of people who genuinely cared about me and spoke the truth my close friends were afraid to say. It reminded me of this scripture: Proverbs 27:6 ??Wounds from a friend are better than many kisses from an enemy.??


Melissa Immel
Inspirational Films
Media Producer